You are now one of the fortunate owners of a unique jewelry creation from your connection in the diamond business, Diamond Vault. We have invested a tremendous amount of time and energy to ensure that you are receiving the finest quality jewelry at the very best possible price. With proper care and maintenance, your precious creation should last a lifetime. Because we are so confident in the quality and workmanship of our jewelry, we are presenting you with a limited one year diamond and jewelry warranty.


Diamond Vault will replace any missing diamonds up to .60 carat, for a period of one year from your purchase date. This warranty is implied to any merchandise purchased from the Diamond Vault. Excluded from this warranty is excess wear and tear or damage to the item beyond its original condition, ie., missing prong, bent or out of round shaped rings. All warranteed items need to be brought back to the Diamond Vault for inspection and service at 4950 Kietzke Lane, Suite 301 to be validated. This warranty is exclusively implied to the original owner. Transfer of ownership voids this warranty without expressed written approval of the Diamond Vault.


Diamond Vault guarantees your diamond mounting to be free of original defects. The effects of Normal wear such as, worn tips, prongs, and shanks are not covered by this warranty, Charges for repairs required by the Diamond Vault to keep your Diamond Warranty valid are the responsibility of the customer.


The Diamond vault will allow the current market price, less any Taxes, on a step-up diamond purchased at the Diamond Vault of any shape, any size, any quality provided the new diamond is 20% or greater in price, providing the trade-in diamond has not been damaged. Diamond mounting will be allowed if traded for another diamond item, up to twice its purchase price, and excluding custom made jewelry.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights in the state of Nevada and you may have other legal rights which vary from State to State.


*Applies to in-stock inventory only

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